> Is it still a global in Perl 6?

It's not even global in perl5.10. perldoc says:
               As of release 5 of Perl, assignment to $[ is
               treated as a compiler directive, and cannot
               influence the behavior of any other file.  (That's
               why you can only assign compile-time constants to
               it.)  Its use is highly discouraged.

               Note that, unlike other compile-time directives
               (such as strict), assignment to $[ can be seen
               from outer lexical scopes in the same file.
               However, you can use local() on it to strictly
               bind its value to a lexical block.

perl6's S28 "Special Names [DRAFT]" says under "Perl5 to Perl6 special
variable translation":
 $[                  -              This feature has been removed

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