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Please post impressive Perl 6 code snippets, we all know there are
several, and I really would like to give people some idea of why Perl 6
is so cool.

Of late, new languages have been created that are going backwards. That is, they are regressing to a more primitive form. C# is just Java with a different syntax. Java is for people who can't handle the complexities of C++. <begin barbe voice> "Multiple inheritance is hard!"</end>. So don't provide multiple inheritance, just rip it out, without replacing it with ANY other way to reuse implementation, so everyone uses copy/paste to build concrete classes that should have common code with others.

But... language science and research did not stop after OO was introduced. Why don't new language use new, better ways of doing things?

Well, Perl 6 does. That's what's cool about it, for me: it looks toward newer ideas on a deep level, not just some shallow change but otherwise the same old stuff.

Look at Roles to showcase that.
Also, there is full delegation of methods with a terse syntax, useful for aggregating things that provide a desired interface. And hopefully it will realize more of the ramifications behind allowing generic types, as my own research (see <http://www.dlugosz.com/Perl6/web/isa-inheritance.html> suggests. It will embrace multi-core computers with implicit threading constructs. It's not just cool because its new features -- they are fundamental ideas that should have been with us for some time, but other languages refuse to accept.


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