On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 10:51:33AM -0400, John Macdonald wrote:
: Yes.  The full expression in raw APL for n! is:
: */<i>n
: (where <i> is the Greek letter iota - <iota>n is Perl's 1..$n).

Only if the origin is 1.  This breaks under )ORIGIN 0.  <cough> $[ </cough>

By the way, the assumption here is that everyone can process Unicode,
so it's fine to write */⍳n.  :)

Note that that's the APL iota U+2373, not any of the other 30 or so
iotas in Unicode.  :/  Well, okay, half of those have precomposed
accents, but still...


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