Em Qui, 2009-05-28 às 00:24 -0500, John M. Dlugosz escreveu:
> Please see <http://www.dlugosz.com/Perl6/web/info-model-1.html>
> and talk to me about it.

The illustratino is cool, but it doesn't take into account the
possibility of:

 @a[0] := $x;

which means that an array is, theoretically, an array of item
containers. Consider the following:

 @a[1] = 0;
 @a[1] := 1;
 @a[1] = 2;

The first line store 0 in the item container initially created at
position 1 of array @a, the second line replaces that container by the
value itself, and the third line fails because "1" is a readonly value,
not a container, so you can't store into it.

Of course this is the theoretical model, and implementations should
optimize whenever they can... 


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