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Em Qui, 2009-05-28 às 00:24 -0500, John M. Dlugosz escreveu:
Please see <http://www.dlugosz.com/Perl6/web/info-model-1.html>
and talk to me about it.

The illustratino is cool, but it doesn't take into account the
possibility of:

 @a[0] := $x;

which means that an array is, theoretically, an array of item
containers. Consider the following:

 @a[1] = 0;
 @a[1] := 1;
 @a[1] = 2;

Syntax aside, and what the spec actually says about := aside, I do agree that a container must be able to cough up an lvalue for any of its addressable content individually. That works (in this model) because of how items are intimatly tied with lvalues, and the way parameters are bound and what declaring an lvalue return does (returning is the same as passing, as they are both Captures).

Anyway, I'll explain my thoughts on that in detail this weekend.


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