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  y> If anyone wants to try tackling this, a longer APL one-liner is
  y> referenced on the APL wikipedia page and discussed in length here:

  y> http://catpad.net/michael/apl/

  y> As an aside, APL was the first computer language I was exposed to.
  y> When I was around 7 years old my aunt (who lived in Boston near MIT,
  y> Harvard) had a computer scientist friend who gave her the "APL: A
  y> Programming Language" book, after she bragged to him about a smart
  y> nephew who liked typewriters... I liked all the symbols and sort of
  y> understood a few bits of it...

you must not realize that we have our own conway (part of the p6 design
cabal) in the perl world who has coded up in perl5 something that should
not have been released on a unsuspecting world. it is a monster called
selfgol and it not only plays life, it does much more. here is a wiki
entry about it. read the code at your own peril. if this gets translated
to p6 (and probably become much shorter too), i suspect the heavens will
fall, the sun will burn out and python will take over the universe! :)


from that page:

    * Its a quine
(typo - should be It's - uri)
    * Turns other programs into quines
    * Plays Conway's Game of Life
    * Animates a marquee banner

It does so without importing any modules, and without using a single if,
unless, while, until, for, foreach, goto, next, last, redo, map, or


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