yary not.com-at-gmail.com |Perl 6| wrote:
That was a big part of it... I'm glad Mark posted the APL snippet
because it got me to finally read up on the language that's been at
the back of my mind. Plus it's useful for p6 language discussion. APL
(and a successor, J) may still have a few tricks to lend.

Have you come across my "Meditations on Perl taken from concepts in APL <http://www.dlugosz.com/Perl6/web/APL.html>"? <http://www.dlugosz.com/Perl6/web/APL.html>

Thinking about "who needs loops?" was inspirational to me.

And it inspired the need for a column-reduce meta syntax. It would be difficult to make macros for each op that don't step on each other, so an extensible way really needs to be inspired.

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