Jon Lang |Perl 6| wrote:
On Fri, May 29, 2009 at 6:52 AM, John Macdonald <> wrote:
Yep, I've done that.

But comparing the difference in effort between:

- press a key
- Google for a web page that has the right character set, cut, refocus, paste

means that I don't bother for the one or two "weird" characters
every few months that is my current Unicode usage.  If I were
working with Unicode frequently, it would be worth setting up
links and mechanisms, or learning the keyboard compose sequences
for frequently used characters.  I'm sure that there are many
people in a similar situation.

Agreed.  Given the frequency with which « and » come up in Perl 6, I'd
love to be able to have a simple keyboard shortcut that produces these
two characters.  Unfortunately, I am often stuck using a Windows
system when coding; and the easiest method that I have available to me
there (that I know of) is to pull up Character Map.

Windows: see Tavultasoft's key mapper. Free to use existing keyboard layouts, pro version needed to make your own. It was awesome when writing stuff heavily-leaden with IPA characters.

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