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In response to this thread, I activated the "US International"
keyboard layout, and once that's done theoretically one can get
"Spanish style quote mark" with RightAlt+[ and RightAlt+] like so: «
and ».

The questions which remain (for me, at least) is if (a) the symbols
survive in email, and (b) if they really are the proper marks for

Yes to both.  I see them fine, and they are the U+00AB and U+00BB

Care to try ☃ ?  That's alt-meta-hyper-doublebucky-cokebottle.

That's an eth, ð, right?  Hmm, doesn't look the same.  What is that?

Copy and paste it from the message into a word processor or other program that lets you choose a font where it is not missing and make it very large so you can see the details.

Or see <http://www.marco.org/83873337> for a large graphic in several fonts.


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