Hi Patrick,

To reduce list traffic, I'm replying to both of your emails together.

Just because these are the only adverbs mentioned doesn't necessarily
mean they're the only ones that will be allowed.

Ok. My interpretation was that adding adverbs would require updating the spec. More importantly, I thought that it would be more difficult to get agreement on a new adverb. I figure that at this late stage in the process, you probably don't want to make a lot of language changes.

In your other email, you say:

> For the Parrot case at least, I suspect one would/could do:
>     use SHA:from<Parrot>;
> (See the :from adverb in S11.)

That looks great. I didn't think of that. Perhaps it can be used for C as well. We might have to abuse the :from a little to include the name of the C bindings (if there is more than one option).


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