I'm about halfway through reading Synopsis 3 and have a couple

Is there, should there be unicode synonyms for the feed operators? eg
<== is also ⇐ &lArr;    LEFTWARDS DOUBLE ARROW
==> is also ⇒ &rArr;    RIGHTWARDS DOUBLE ARROW

I don't see as obvious candidates for <<== and ==>>, maybe LEFTWARDS ,
RIGHTWARDS TWO HEADED ARROW  ↞ and ↠. That's good in that the two
headed arrow looks like the angle brackets, but then the arrow shaft
isn't doubled, so it's more of a unicode synonym for -->>

In a different section, S03 says- "In particular, you can say things
like C<$array.'@'> and C<$fh.'='>" to get the prefix form on the
operator. Hasn't prefix:<=> gone away for reading from filehandles?

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