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I'm about halfway through reading Synopsis 3 and have a couple

Is there, should there be unicode synonyms for the feed operators? eg
<== is also ? &lArr;     LEFTWARDS DOUBLE ARROW
==> is also ? &rArr;     RIGHTWARDS DOUBLE ARROW

I don't see as obvious candidates for <<== and ==>>, maybe LEFTWARDS ,
RIGHTWARDS TWO HEADED ARROW  ? and ?. That's good in that the two
headed arrow looks like the angle brackets, but then the arrow shaft
isn't doubled, so it's more of a unicode synonym for -->>

I admit I haven't been following recent discussion, but I've been presuming that "use Unicode::Operators" (or whatever we're calling it now) will be an external module, and as such, not in the spec. Obviously there are some exceptions, such as those Unicode operators documented in the current specs.


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