I am tickled pink to see an Array "rotate" method in the settings spec
S032, as I was thinking of writing up a little discussion on the very

Has there been discussion on using array rotate on multi-dimensional
arrays? Being able to pass in a vector as the amount to rotate would
be useful. eg-

my @a = (1,2,3 ; <a b c>);
@a.rotate(0,1); # rotate down, @a is now (<a b c>,1,2,3)
@a.rotate(1,0); # rotate right, @a is now (2,3,1;<b c a>)

@a = (1,2,3 ; <a b c>);
@a.rotate(1,1); # diagonal rotate, (<b c a>; 2,3,1)

@a = (1,2,3 ; <a b c>);
@a.rotate(1); # dimensionless rotate- does it flatten @a?
# is @a now (2,3,1;'b','c','a'), or ('c',1,2,3,'a','b')?


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