Jon Lang |Perl 6| wrote:
On Fri, Jun 12, 2009 at 10:02 AM, yary<> wrote:
I am tickled pink to see an Array "rotate" method in the settings spec
S032, as I was thinking of writing up a little discussion on the very

Has there been discussion on using array rotate on multi-dimensional
arrays? Being able to pass in a vector as the amount to rotate would
be useful.

With a multi-dimensional array, a number of transforms can be considered:

* you can rearrange the elements along a given dimension (e.g., rotate
and reverse).
* you can rearrange the dimensions themselves (e.g., transpose).

A short time ago, something similar came up.

I think the built-in's should stay simple, and a module (or several different ones) can exist to do comprehensive features for multi-dimensional arrays. Designing that is really a separate project in itself, and it may shake out with use.

So keep it out of the core spec.


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