On Sun, Aug 09, 2009 at 10:57:16PM +0100, Tim Bunce wrote:
> > > Since Rakudo* (not sure how it is to be written) is intended to be a  
> > > cut-down version of perl6.0.0 that is useable, how about Rakudo-lite?
> > 
> > Hmmm, that's a very reasonable name.  Over the past few days I've
> > become a little attached to "Rakudo Star", but I agree that
> > "Rakudo light" might be a bit more descriptive.  I'll have to
> > mull it over a while.
> [...]
> I like "Rakudo Star". It doesn't try to be descriptive. It's just a name.

Based on #perl6 discussions and a few other threads, I've decided
we'll stick with "Rakudo Star".  It's non-descriptiveness is an asset
at this point.


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