On 2009-Aug-9, at 6:30 am, Richard Hainsworth wrote:
Its just that */star/whatever doesnt convey [to me] the fact that its a sub-set of of Perl6.

I like "*"... it has more personality than "lite". (Or even "light".) Though since it's a subset, we could always call it "Rakudo ⊂"!

On 2009-Aug-9, at 12:29 pm, Henry Baragar wrote:
Ruby anyone?  See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rake_(software).

You mean call it "Rakudo Ruby" because Ruby has only part of the features of P6? We could name interim releases after competing brands as they get left behind: Rakudo Ruby, Rakudo Python, Rakudo P5.... (We're already too late for "Rakudo PHP", I'm afraid.)

On 2009-Aug-9, at 3:57 pm, Tim Bunce wrote:
Perhaps it's worth asking what we might call the release after that one.
"Rakudo not-quite-so-lite"?

Rakudo ** (aka "Rakudo Exponentiation")? Though I think Patrick is optimistic that development will proceed exponentially enough that a single interim release will be enough to hold us over until Christmas.


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