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> In my post "Three things in Perl 6 that aren't so great" [0], I
> outline three things about Perl 6 that bug me at present. Commenter
> daxim made what seems to me a sensible proposal [1] for solving the
> third problem, "Comments in the beginning of lines":
> daxim (]):
> ] Let single # be used for commenting out, no matter what follows.
> ] Let ## (perhaps also ### and so on) switch on the special behaviour
> ] of brackets etc.

While I like the idea, ## occurs frequently in much existing code,
a more selective pattern would help.

like "#{" and "#}"
            - explicit, DWIM block constructs

or   qr/^\s*\#{3,}:[\[\{\(\<]/    etc ..
     - multiple-sharps  makes the comment-block more visible
     - any block-punctuation works (why limit it?)

This would clash far less with existing code,
and thus be usable there incrementally.

And this makes it a more portable, POD++ ish feature.

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