Could we also get "=numbered" and "=term" directives that are
equivalent to "=item :numbered" and "=item :term", respectively, for
use with abbreviated blocks? E.g.:

    =numbered First Item
    =numbered Second Item
    =numbered Third Item

    =term First Name
    =term Second Name

Within tables, you should probably replace "whitespace" with "multiple
whitespace" as a column delimiter; otherwise, the space between two
words in an identifier would trigger a new column:

    column 1   column 2
    ^^^^^^ ^   ^^^^^^ ^

(Each group of ^'s would be a separate column.)

When using the code block alias, are the outermost curly braces
considered to be part of the ambient code?

Why is =END a block, and not a directive?

Jonathan "Dataweaver" Lang

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