On Wed, 19 Aug 2009, Mark J. Reed wrote:

I don't think $file1.name == $file2.name should talk to the FS,
because I think File#name t+r whatever)  should return a plain Str.
Having magical FilePathName objects is handy, but sometimes you want
to get the filename as a dumb string to do stringish things without
having to worry about the fact that the string started life as the
name of a file somewhere.   I could convert it explicitly, but it's
not obvious that I need to;  'name' sounds like something that should
return Str.

$file1.name == $file2.name is kinda strange because it does a numeric comparison between the filenames (see S03). Methinks you want $file1 eq $file2 (both of which are assumed to be of type Path) which does a string comparison between them without consulting the filesystem.

Having said that, you've made me realise that $file1 == $file2 might be the perfect operator for comparing inodes, since inodes are numbers.


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