On Mon, Sep 14, 2009 at 03:46:54PM +0200, Carl Mäsak wrote:
> Tim (>):
> > I'd be grateful for feedback on any of the slides, but I'm especially
> > interested in updates for:
> >
> >    page 73 - Perl 6 implementations
> >                I've added Mildew, with links, to the SMOP line
> >                anything I should add / change / remove?
> >                What's the status of KindaPerl6?
> I think Elf could very well be added to those.
> >    page 77 - quantity of code writen in Perl 6
> >                are there any other significant perl6 codebases?
> Again, Elf is a nice, large example. :)

Got a url? (I've not been keeping up with perl6 as much as I'd like)

> Depending on what you mean by significant, I'd also like to direct
> your attention towards SVG::Plot, proto, Gamebase, CSV, Druid, Form,
> HTTP::Daemon, Perl6::SQLite and Web.pm. All of those can be downloaded
> via proto.

I'd really appreciate a list of "significant" perl6 projects, with a
few words of description of each, that I could put on a slide.
(Similar to the "Many gems on CPAN ..." on page 18.)

The goal being to give a sense that there are "significant" projects
being implemented in perl6.

> > Anything else I should add, change or remove? I'm especially interested
> > in verifyable metrics showing effort, progress, or use. Ideally graphical.
> > Any interesting nuggets that fit with the theme will be most welcome.
> Moritz++ and I were talking about making a graph showing the increase
> of Perl 6 projects lately. Proto's project.list contains all the
> pertinent history, so half an hour with git-log and SVG::Plot ought to
> be able to produce something nice. If no-one else takes that as a
> hint, I might look at it soonish. :)

Moritz has come up trumps on that one.


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