Moritz Lenz wrote:
> Carl Mäsak wrote:
>> Tim (>):
>>> Anything else I should add, change or remove? I'm especially interested
>>> in verifyable metrics showing effort, progress, or use. Ideally graphical.
>>> Any interesting nuggets that fit with the theme will be most welcome.
>> Moritz++ and I were talking about making a graph showing the increase
>> of Perl 6 projects lately. Proto's project.list contains all the
>> pertinent history, so half an hour with git-log and SVG::Plot ought to
>> be able to produce something nice. If no-one else takes that as a
>> hint, I might look at it soonish. :)
> I know produced this plot, attached is a .png, the perl script that
> generates the data file and gnuplot file which turns that into a .png.

Thanks to masak's contribution we now have a plot containing also the
earlier history of proto, and is daily updated on

It is not completely accurate, but it's a enough for a broad trend line.

I know the talk is over now, but maybe somebody wants to hold such a
talk in the future, too.


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