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Thanks Tim for the link,
I tried IRC channel felt like not to disturb from their serious discussion with 
a newbie

Feel free. There are a few people in the serious discussions who will ignore questions not directly targetted at them, but a lot of the #perl6 regulars are happy to field newbie questions. In fact, if discussions are happening, that's the best time to ask -- if there's no discussion, everyone may be asleep :).

My skillset is 5+ yrs of exp in perl,unix with a computerscience engineering 
Worked in various domains like banking domain(Standard chartered - Gui tool in 
Tk/perl ) ,
telecom domain( cisco - clearcase wrappers in Perl/unix ) , storage domain( 
NetApp -
parsers in perl/unix ).

Sorry for adding my personal blah,blah . Hope this skillset information will be 
helpfull to
start with .

Looking forward for your suggestions .. 

That'll be helpful, but I'm afraid all the help I could've provided is pretty much covered in one or another of the links that have been sent out. But others (again, especially on #perl6) may have more suggestions.


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