Timothy S. Nelson wrote:
> On Wed, 16 Sep 2009, Geoffrey Broadwell wrote:
>> On Wed, 2009-09-16 at 19:49 +1000, Timothy S. Nelson wrote:
>>> +1.  I have a set of 7 bookmarks that load in tabs that I call my "Perl 6"
>>> bookmarks.  I load this group of tabs into a separate web browser window 
>>> when
>>> I'm doing Perl 6 stuff.  That link is one of the 7 links.
>> Perhaps your other Perl 6 bookmarks ought to appear on rakudo.org or
>> perl6.org as well.  :-)
>       They probably mostly do:
> -     rakudo.org
☑ (for the non-Unicode readers, that's a check mark in a box ;-)
> -     parrot.org
> -     P6 specs
> -     Moritz' blog (especially because of the monthly summaries)

Maybe I should be more disciplined with the monthly summaries then ;-)
Anyway, perl6.org links to planetsix, which aggregates my blog, and
which I prefer for such a general site than linking to individual blogs.

> -     #perl6 IRC logs
> -     perl6.org
> -     That link to Masak's blog

will be added as soon as we have a -Ofun sub page (see my other mail
about perl6.org in this thread).

>       I'm pretty sure most of those are linked somewhere.
>       I'd actually be in favour of Masak's post being copied to the site 
> (with attribution) and expanded, rather than just linked, if Carl is happy 
> with the idea.  Unfortunately no tuits at the moment.

We're not in a hurry either... ;-)


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