Michael Zedeler wrote:
> Moritz Lenz wrote:
>> Jon Lang wrote:
>>> How do pred and succ work when given Complex values?
>> By adding/substracting 1 from the real part, I'd say. Don't know if that
>> actually makes sense.
> It doesn't, because succ should always give the next, smallest possible
> element given some ordering relation. 

Where's that definition from? For me .succ was just the backend for
prefix and postfix ++, which desugar to $thing += 1 (except for strings,
where it's magic).

> Neither does it make sense for
> real numbers. Same thing applies to pred.
> It may be necessary to move methods in the Numeric class that require
> ordering and countability to somewhere else.

Well, Real implies ordering (at least to me ;-), I don't think we have a
class or role for countability.

>> You do have a pugs commit bit, don't you?
>> If you find errors, feel free to correct them in the synopsis.
> I do. If anyone doesn't object, I'd be happy to move the methods down to
> a subclass (or -role) - at least in the spec (not sure what to do with
> the code as of now).

The code and tests are later adapted at whim, or so ;-)


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