On 2009-Oct-4, at 2:07 pm, Moritz Lenz wrote:
Michael Zedeler wrote:
It doesn't, because succ should always give the next, smallest possible
element given some ordering relation.

Where's that definition from?

The dictionary. =) It would be confusing to have a "successor" method for something that isn't orderable and discrete. An ordered continuous type like Real could have .inc and .dec; it just happens that in the common case of Ints, .succ and .inc mean the same thing.

Complex could have an .inc method, but I don't think there's any especially obvious choice (because .inc probably wants an ordered type). Would it add 1? or 1+i? Better to spell it out explicitly.

Well, Real implies ordering (at least to me ;-), I don't think we have a
class or role for countability.

A Discrete role would be useful, but is Set good enough for that?


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