On 2009-Oct-19, at 5:50 pm, Jon Lang wrote:
In "Aiasing methods in CPAN roles", David Green wrote:
I don't want my special log() method to work only for other types that explicitly do NumLog; I want it to work for any type that directly "does Numeric does Logging".

But if Logging doesn't do Numeric, why should it be expected to
provide a method that assumes that it does?

Well, I don't want all objects that do Logging to do Numeric; I just want to have custom methods for those that do happen to do both.

I could declare a sub log(Numeric Logging $x) that would work when its arg does both, but it has to be called like a sub, not a method.

If I can put ad hoc compound types into a signature, e.g. foo(Numeric Logging) instead of foo(NumLog), then why shouldn't it be possible to define a method that way? Or conversely, should compound types in signatures be disallowed, and forced to use "NumLog"/whatever also?


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