Todd Olson wrote:
At 14:54 -0500 2009-12-17, Jon Lang wrote:

And really, my whole point is that the implementation details are
(conceptually) the only thing that distinguishes Complex::Polar from

All though  both  e^(i ¼)  and  e^(i 3 ¼)  evaluate to -1 + 0i
it is often useful to be able to distinguish them.
So perhaps the question is do we really want Perl6 to automatically
convert e^(i 3 ¼)  to  e^(i ¼)  internally.  If not, then
we really do want some sort of access to the implementation details.

If I was implementing Complex::Polar I'd probably use an Int64 to represent the phase internally: we can scale it by pi/2**63 in the accessor. That way it automatically collapses onto one cycle.

These internal details are why I don't really like the idea of exposing .^attr as the mechanism by which users serialize the object. It would be fine to use it as the default implementation of a generic serialization method, but users of the object shouldn't know that.

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