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> Any \s* will end up matching the final \n, and since quantifiers
> in tokens default to "non backtracking", \s* \n in a token will 
> always fail.  (In P5, it'd be like "(?>\s*)\n".)  Perhaps 
> \h* \n would do what you want here?

Works like a charm!

> > Also, if I uncomment that 'say $config ??' line, I get the 
> > following strange error:
> > 
> >   ResizablePMCArray: Can't pop from an empty array!
> >   in Main (file , line ) 
> It's a parsing error in Rakudo at the moment -- it *should* be 
> telling you that it found a '??' but no '!!'.  Again, the new
> version (arriving in a week or so) should be better about such
> messages.

Aargh! That one bugs me. I can see how I made that mistake, but boy, I should 
have spotted it :)
Thanks for your help.

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