Carl (>), Ovid (>>):
>> As a follow-up to this, I have my code posted at 
>> While my admittedly clumsy grammar matches, transforming it into an AST has 
>> failed miserably.
>> Aside from the advent calendar or the online docs at 
>>, are there any other resources for 
>> explaining the generation of an AST from a grammar?
> Yes: #perl6 -- or more specifically, moritz++ and a number of other
> people who have built dozens of grammars already.

As for the current issue you're experiencing, it seems you can't
initialize a nested class in the way you're trying to:

$ perl6 -e 'class A { class A::B {} };'
Null PMC access in find_method('new')

$ perl6 -e 'class A { class B {} };; say "alive"'

There's already a bug in RT pertaining to a similar issue
(<>), but I'll
submit yours as a separate one.

// Carl

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