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I would like to know where I can find the latest documentation on the type (and above all subtype) system for Perl 6. The synopsis does not say much about it.


There's no one document there that contains all the information about types, but those are the latest, most authoritative documents. If the code doesn't do what these documents say, then it's the code that is wrong, not the documents. You probably want the links in the "Specification" column.

Without knowing exactly what you mean by "type system" (I'm not one of the experts around here), I'd suggest that the places you want to look are parts of:
-       S02: Bits and Pieces
-       S09: Data Structures
-       S12: Objects
-       S14: Roles and Parametric Types

        Possibly the following may also be useful:
-       S10: Packages
-       S11: Modules
-       S13: Overloading
-       S32: This contains API information for some of the individual types

I would like to know the current status of the Perl6 in order to adapt my presentation. In particular, a complete syntax for types would be welcome (the most complete description I found is this one

        See link above.

As for the status; let me start by stating that (unlike Perl 5), Perl 6 is a specification that has multiple (incomplete) implementations. The sections marked [DRAFT] at the link above are still far from final. The others, while still changing daily, are more ... thorough and community-approved.

Thanks in advance for your help. Of course I will be happy to discuss the details of my proposal on this list, if there is any interest, of course.

As I've said, I'm no expert; I didn't completely understand your original message. Hopefully one of the experts will be able to chime in as the discussion progresses.

Just before I end this e-mail, I should maybe also provide a link to http://perl6.org/ since it links to things that may be useful to you.



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