Giuseppe Castagna wrote:
Yes I saw that inheritance is not subtyping. I would not share this decision since as an outsider, it seems to me that Perl6 has redundant syntax (too many different ways to express the same thing), so it is astonishing that in that case the choice was to use the same keywork for two different things. But it is likely that I missed the point there.

Perhaps. If you mean what I think you do (but I may be missing what you're getting at)...

If you want to check if A inherits from B, do A.isa(B).
If you want to check if A does B, do A.does(B).
If you just care if A is somehow a subtype of B, but don't care why, do A ~~ B.

Much of the time, the last of these is the important one.

Sorry if I missed the point,


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