Darren Duncan wrote:
Richard Hainsworth wrote:
Is there a glitch in the mail list system for p6l? I got the Copenhagen release announcement on the parrot developers list but not on p6l.

Maybe there aren't Parrot release announcements on p6l because they aren't as directly relevant as say on p6c. In some ways, having Parrot release announcements on p6l is about as relevant as having Perl 5 release announcements on mailing lists for individual Perl modules, or DBI release announcements on the DBIx-Class list, say. -- Darren Duncan

Er, that is what I would have said as an excuse if it were true ...

But the latest Parrot, 2.2, *was* announced on p6l on the 16th, though under the erroneous subject line saying 2.0.

-- Darren Duncan

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