On Saturday 20 March 2010 at 12:23, Richard Hainsworth wrote:

> In other words, I am suggesting a sort of mapping of the syntax of perl6 
> so that stable areas can us be used, perhaps avoiding instruments that 
> are not yet explicitly stable.

That assumes it's possible to know with sufficient certainty which pieces of 
syntax are sufficiently stable to mark as such.  It's not *impossible*, and I 
encourage anyone willing to work on it to do so, but it seems like a large 

I wouldn't have predicted that =$fh would become $fh.lines.

Manifest version number dependencies are an eventual necessity for Perl 6 (and 
hopefully Perl 5); moving to that model sooner rather than later could reduce 
a lot of pain.  That seems like a smaller task which will pay off much more 
over time.

-- c

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