Em Sáb, 2010-03-20 às 22:23 +0300, Richard Hainsworth escreveu:
> Here it is the very language that is changing.
> For instance, =$fh was used to generate input from a file. Now it is 
> $fh.lines

Note that I did mention versioned dependencies for grammar, CORE and
setting. So yes, considering the code was properly tagged with the
specific version, running it would either:

 1) Run normally if the implementation provides backward emulation of an
older version.
 2) complain upfront that the version is not available in backward
emulation and it would be subject to failure. or even
 3) complain upfront that the version os not available in backward
emulation, but try to get the closest version that could be emulated and
give it a try.


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