On Wed, 21 Apr 2010, Mark J. Reed wrote:

I recommend not to open this up for 6.0.0 core.  Calendar conversion
is easy to do in a module, and the Date class has an absolute day
count, which is really all you need everything for an intermediate
representation.   It wouldn't be hard to port Calendrica, for

What he said.

Perl is all about good Huffman coding. The _vast_ majority people who need to do stuff with dates and datetimes will be dealing with the modern Gregorian calendar. Therefore, having a correct and simple to use implementation of some minimal Gregorian calendar objects in core makes a lot of sense.

For folks who need to get fancier, the day count on the Date class will allow simple conversion between calendars, which they can find on CPAN6, along with modules that do more with the Gregorian calendar.


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