Please pardon intrusion by a novice who is anything but object oriented.

I consider myself a long time user of perl 5. I love it and it has completely 
replaced FORTRAN as my compiler of choice. "Programming Perl" is so dog-eared 
that I may need a replacement. I joined this list when I thought the <<...>> 
operators might allow for vector operations like cross product. dot product, 
curl, grad, and divergence.  I was mistaken but was pleased that such things 
would be possible as add-ins to be created later.

I have never used the ".." operator on perl 5, mostly because I can't 
understand it.

I have actually wished for, in perl 5, an ability to create a list, really a 
unsorted set with an @theset kind of description that I could create with a 
regular expression. All ASCII strings that would match would become members of 

@theset = /\A2N\d\d\d\d\Z/;

would make create a temporary array of transistors that have "2N", once 
military, designations. That list would become an input to some other code that 
would look for datasheets. Memory intensive but easy to understand.

Are you guise sure that the "..." and ".." operators in perl 6 shouldn't make 
use of regular expression syntax while deciding just what is intended by the 

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