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>        Hi.  I'm wondering if any thought has been given to natural language
> processing with Perl 6 grammars.

No specific tool is best suited for natural language processing. There was
apparently a time in which everyone thought that a formal grammar could
clearly define any natural language, but I don't think anyone succeeded at
creating a complete formal grammar for any language other than something
like Esperanto. Modern NLP seems to be focused on (empirical based)
stochastic models or other statistical models. Most languages can be used to
build and represent such systems. That being said, there are sub-fields
where it might help, such as stemming, POS tagging, or text generation.

Perl 6 grammars seem best suited to reduce the workload to build and
manipulate parse trees or lattice models. Depending on what task is at hand,
this may be of no use. I am finishing a masters in NLP and after all this
work, p6 grammars wouldn't have helped much.

-Jason "s1n" Switzer

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