This is getting more and more off topic, but if you want some lojban
pasers, start at,+Glossers+and+parsers


On Mon, Aug 2, 2010 at 3:58 PM, Carl Mäsak <> wrote:
> Jason (>):
>> No specific tool is best suited for natural language processing. There was
>> apparently a time in which everyone thought that a formal grammar could
>> clearly define any natural language, but I don't think anyone succeeded at
>> creating a complete formal grammar for any language other than something
>> like Esperanto.
> Even Esperanto is about on the same level of complexity as your
> regular Indo-European language. Sure, the word-formation is more
> regular, but the freedom in creating sentences with non-obvious
> antecedents and all manner of ambiguity, is just as large as in any
> national language.
> Now, had you said Lojban, I'd have believed you. :)
> // Carl

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