On Fri, 1 Oct 2010, Damian Conway wrote:

Jonathan wrote:

Sounds like the encapsulation breaking thingy probably wants to be looking
for some pragma to have been used in the lexical scope of the caller, maybe.
I'd rather that we called it something other than MONKEY_TYPING though.
Different evil, different pragma. :-)

As long as it's easily searchable and vaguely pejorative (e.g. has the
work MONKEY in it).

Hmmmmm. You need to use MONKEY_TYPING when you're monkeying with typing,
so maybe when you're monkeying with what can be seen (and abusing Perl
6 as if it were C)
then you need to use MONKEY_SEE

We could even have one for looking at internals (called MONKEY_SEE), and one for changing them (MONKEY_DO).


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