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On 9/30/10 16:46 , Moritz Lenz wrote:
> 1) please don't abuse MONKEY_TYPING for anything that might look like
> dangerous

If Perl 6 is still Perl then in some sense it implies that "dangerous" is
accepted practice.  :)  That said...

> 2) I find .perl very, very valuable in real world debugging; I don't
> want to make it its usage any harder.

I'd suggest slightly different behavior for .perl:  output everything but
with a "..." so people have to do (a little) work to abuse it.  Otherwise,
though, I think I go in the direction of "if this is indeed Perl then
`private' just means `do a little more work to get at it'".  At most,
perhaps .perl would dump only public state unless some debug option were set.

As for serializeability, I think .perl is being used for two different
things and we need to separate them.  If it's there for debugging, you want
private data in some recognizeable form and you want placeholders for things
like filehandles; if for serialization, then private state can only be
exported as the class itself desires (probably as method calls to initialize
it), requiring a class to provide such serialization routine, and things
like filehandles get skipped if the class doesn't provide a serialization
for them (which it usually wouldn't).

(IIRC the point of calling it "perl" was that it was to provide a Perl
expression which would evaluate to the object, hence serialization.  So
maybe we need .debug or .dump that follows different rules?)

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