Damian Conway wrote:

Yes, Ted Z. pointed out to me that, as the name of this construct,
"every" has ambiguity and synonym issues. Other possibilities are:

    select(@values) < one(3..7)
    those(@values) < one(3..7)
    whichever(@values) < one(3..7)
    itemize(@values) < one(3..7)
    extract(@values) < one(3..7)

...of which, only C<select> really seems a good alternative.

Any other suggestions most welcome!

My suggestion is, of course, to move it to the operator:

  @values G< one(3..7)

which has a pleasing (to my mind) symmetry with Perl6-isms such as

  @values X* 2

Failing that, perhaps C<filter> might work (though I always find myself wanting to qualify a filter as either filter-in or filter-out).

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