On 10/22/2010 06:16 AM, Damian Conway wrote:
> That is, a C<$value> is an eigenstate of a C<$junction> if-and-only-if:
>     $value !~~ Junction  &&  $value ~~ $junction

In general this definition makes it impossible to return a list of
eigenstates from the junction. Just think of junctions containing Code
objects. Or anything more complicated than the built-in value types.

> But the C<!eigenstates> method (as currently defined) does not return
> a list of such eigenstates. Instead it merely returns a partially-flattened
> list of the raw "internal values" of the junction...which is not (usually) the
> same thing at all.

Right; but afaict it's the only thing that can actually be implemented.
And because it doesn't make all too much sense, it's specced to be private.

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