I have a few slightly related questions:

1. The semicolon operator would allow Perl 6 to support N-dimensional
arrays... How would one iterate over that type of array?

my num @matrix[ 10 ; 10 ; 10 ];

I ask because a natural extension is to add arithmetic operators and
you have the beginnings of a Matlab-like array language.

2. Do you think Rakudo is likely to get support for N-dimensional
arrays in... say... the next year or so?

3. Does anyone here know much about Niecza? Can you compare it with
Rakudo? I am already familiar with the feature support page
(http://perl6.org/compilers/features) so I am leaving the question
intentionally vague. I'd be interested in anything that you think is
interesting (e.g. speed, development style, progress, whatever).

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