On 23 March 2012 12:55, Carl Mäsak <cma...@gmail.com> wrote:
> The "shaped arrays/hashes" parts of S09 have been in the planning
> stages a long time in Rakudo. They've had to wait for better MOP and
> better native-types handling (which is another part of S09), but now
> the time for shaped arrays/hashes is surely here. If jnthn or pmichaud
> hasn't started digging into them by the time I finish the macro grant,
> I likely will.


Part of me wants to volunteer to help, but I know that I just don't
have time...

> Still, I look forward to those parts being implemented. In some vague
> sense, shaped arrays/hashes are "just" sugar, but I believe they'll
> form an integral part in "idiomatic Perl 6", and provide a real edge
> over corresponding unsugared Perl 5 code, even in fairly simple
> scripts.

My work is probably not typical, but I would really like to see this
feature. Most of my work is numerical computation. My "workhorse
language" is Fortran 2008, but I always have either Octave or Python
running on a shell for quick calculations and some times to experiment
with algorithms.

Thing is, I don't like Octave and I don't like Python (and I don't
like PDL). Now that I've discovered the Rakudo shell, Perl 6 has
basically replaced Python for me. I have considered writing a
minimalist "numerical array" class for Perl 6 so I could replace
Octave. I gave it a go a few days ago, but I quickly got stuck on how
to deal with multi-dimensional arrays.  I might come back to this in
the summer if I have more time then.

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