On 2013.11.17 3:48 PM, Darren Duncan wrote:
Thanks a lot to Andrew, John, Raiph, and any later responders.  What you've said
so far looks very useful to me, and I will follow up on the leads you gave. --
Darren Duncan

FYI, as of last night I'm intending to use generic ordered lists rather than generic unordered sets as the one foundation Foo type for my purposes, as I realized when you had Lisp ops like car/cdr plus generic recursive functions and such you didn't even need to have integers as a precondition to use the ordered lists, as the integers are no longer fundamental to access arbitrary list elements; the orderedness also makes working with these as I want to much much simpler as its easy to identify the element that gives you context to interpret the other elements. -- Darren Duncan

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