On 27 Jan 2016 10:56 AM, Moritz Lenz wrote:

But, what is the point of $! at all?

Convenience. It makes it easy to write commonly-used constructs much

My mostly unscientific approach to gather usage of try vs. CATCH in the
moritz@hack:~/p6/perl6-all-modules$ git grep --word CATCH | wc -l
moritz@hack:~/p6/perl6-all-modules$ git grep --word try | wc -l

CATCH is also rather clunky by comparison (requires an explicit block,
whereas 'try' can be used as a statement prefix; requires a "when" or
"default" blocks).

Yeah … obviously I wasn’t part of the discussions, but ISTM a more straightforward syntax could have been found. <shrug>


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