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> So, you said that the problem arises because NQP does something
> non-obvious that results in this error. Can you be clear on what that
> non-obvious behavior is? It sounds to me like you're addressing a symptom
> of a systemic issue.

That's pretty much the definition of LTA. The programmer did something that
on some level involves a call (in the simple example it was explicit, but
there are some implicit ones in the language), and got a runtime error
referencing an internal name instead of something preferably compile time
related to what they wrote. The fix for this is to abstract it into a role
that describes "calling"/"invoking" instead of having a CALL-ME that the
user didn't (and probably shouldn't) define suddenly pop up out of nowhere.
That isn't the part that's difficult, aside from "so why wasn't it done
that way to begin with?".

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