At 12:50 -0400 2000.09.12, Bradley M. Kuhn wrote:
>I think that Chris is saying that we should not ask a lawyer to develop
>a new license *for* us.  If that is indeed what Chris means, I am in
>agreement with him.  (If I have misunderstood you, Chris, please let me

Nope, that's it.

>What Eben is now helping me with is *not* to write a new version of the
>Artistic License.  Rather, I am working from the assumption that the
>*current* AL *is* what we want, and we just need to make it legally
>sound. This is *one possible* approach for this working group.

And my only problem with that is that I would rather he tell us what he
thinks is wrong, rather than rewrite it.  Although if he does both, that's

I am working from the strongly held belief that reasonable people can "do
law."  I am very much for, whenever possible, people doing their own work.
We can do it, therefore we should.  If necessary -- as it probably is here
-- you can get experts to check over your work, and if you agree that it
needs more work, then you go back and fix it or redo it as appropriate.  It
seems eminently reasonable to me.  If you disagree, I won't try to dissuade
you from your opinion.  I only assert that I have a different one.

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