Ben Tilly <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>You were claiming that you don't care what people do as
>long as they were not calling it Perl.  My point above
>is that the only situation I am interested in involves
>people distributing what they call Perl.
>You are clearly not even trying to respond to what I am

I think Chris believes existing AL prevents them calling it Perl.
In that "extended" package is not the package. 
So embrace is okay, extend is okay but forces name change, so extinguish 
is impossible as Perl is still there. 
It is of course possible to "make agreement with copyright holder(s)" 
to get extensions back into "Perl" - and we only do that if we 
like them.

>I humbly request that anyone who thinks I am totally off
>base here please inform me of that, publically or
>Until then:
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