Ben Tilly wrote:
> The Perl6 RFC Librarian quoth:
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> >This and other RFCs are available on the web at
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> >=head1 TITLE
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> >Perl6's License Should Be a Minor Bugfix of Perl5's License
> [...]
> This resolves very few of the IMHO rather serious issues I have found with
> the current license.  The Perl community is unlikely to have such a good
> opportunity again for years if not decades.  If a good solution can be
> decided on, now is clearly the time to do it.

I actually do tend to agree with you, but I thought the "minimal change"
proposal had some merit, so I thought it deserved an RFC.  Just because I
wrote the RFC doesn't mean I endorse that plan over some other one.

Perhaps I should say that explicitly in the RFC....

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